Rene is Best of Breed at Darlington 2011

Myrna Shiboleth (Shaar Hagai, Israel) is recognised as the Worlds most foremost authority in the world on Canaan Dogs, so when she came over to judge Canaan Dogs at Darlington Championship Show on 16th December 2011, of course I had to enter Rene (Babrees French Resistance).

Myrna attacted an excellent entry of 22 dogs, which is the largest number attending a show in quite a few years.

Rene was entered into Post Graduate Dog and I am pleased to say that he won his class. But he went on to also win Best Dog and then I was thrilled when he won Best of Breed.

Myrna's critique of Rene: "Excellent size and proportions, good bone. Nice dark eye and good expression. Moves very well. Good short back and compact body, but topline slightly soft. Needs to show himself better and carry his tail higher."

I was chuffed with Rene as he has never been trained or socialised as I had given up showing.  I believe that had I trained or indeed socialised him he would have been more confident and held himself and his tail better. But I still feel that he did extremely well for an untrained, unsocialised Canaan Dog :)


  1. luciana parker jones says:

    Just wondering about the canaan it seems a lovely dog and I would love one but fining one is so hard I was wondering of you could help

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